Online Proofreading

Do you feel little confidence that what you wrote is correct?

Do you worry over correct grammar and punctuation?

Do you struggle to say what you really meant?

Are you a non-native writer of English and fear the worst?

Do you feel you need a proofreader?

If this is you, I would like to edit your essay, email, blogpost, or any type of document!

I am offering online proofreading services. 

My background

Writing and editing have surrounded me my entire academic and career life. Throughout college and as a professional, I have worked as an English tutor. I help students learn how to write and improve their writing. Accurate grammar and punctuation are at the forefront; however, I value the next layer of editing even more. I always aim to upgrade communication from dull and repetitive to impactful and clear, through using more active verbs and highlighting unnecessary redundancies or verbiage. I take in the text as a whole and offer valuable feedback extending past the basic grammatical corrections.

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