Writing and Reading

Writing is more than words; the ability to present arguments and clearly convey ideas is foundational to successful writing. I help the student learn methods of creating topic ideas, organizing thoughts, and explaining concepts.

I choose the reading passages based upon the student’s difficulty level. The act of reading itself and comprehension of the text are my main focuses. I work to make connections — stop thinking of reading as just word after word and begin to think of it as conveying information to build a mental image. I explain the meaning of unknown words through discussing the word and techniques on how to read it. I reference synonyms and dictionary definitions to grow vocabulary.


I have completed coursework through Medieval Latin at the graduate school level and received awards for my proficiency. I can help the student feel less frustrated about their Latin. We will go over reading passages together. I will highlight the grammar and explain how it is functioning. To help them remember conjugations and declensions, I employ songs and show patterns. In the process of explaining Latin, I spend a lot of time discussing about English grammar. They are interconnected. I am there for the student and we do not stop until the burden of confusion is lifted.

Study Skills

Study skills lie in organization and motivation. Often the key to success is the proper infrastructure of balanced schedule, ability to write study guides, pursuit of beneficial practice tests, and self-confidence. I am offering advice based on years of successful studying. Proper study habits benefit every area of a student’s life. Let me show you or your child the way.

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