I live in Michigan. I have been blessed with a talent for language and its related areas. This is both my gift and my passion. I have spent years honing and sharpening my skills in both English and Latin. This has created in me a desire to share this knowledge through teaching. I have found I do this best online. I can reach a wide group and have diversity in both students and approaches.

Mastering language is such a gateway to the richness of life. I hope you will join me as I work to share its beauty.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with Honors College distinction from the University of South Florida, in 2014. I have eight years’ worth of tutoring experience and have tutored students of differing abilities and levels, in Algebra, English, and Latin. I view learning as an accumulative experience. In my sessions, I have two goals: to explain concepts and to provide moments for the students to use this acquired knowledge. I believe that variability in information presentation is important to the overall success of learning. Therefore, I use various methods to convey the same information. My second goal follows closely. I offer opportunities for students to use what they have learned. By giving them occasion to find the answer before I intercede, students realize where their strengths and shortcomings are. Through a careful balance of teaching and homework, the student’s ability will increase.

Currently, I am tutoring students online in beginning and advanced Latin, and English reading and writing at the elementary and middle school levels. I also independently teach an online beginning Latin course to a number of homeschooled students.

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BA in Humanities and Cultural Studies
University of South Florida

Latin Excellence Award
April 2016
Classics Department of the Western Michigan University

Nikolaos Mandelos Memorial Scholarship
May 2014
Humanities and Cultural Studies Department of the University of South Florida

Honors College Research Award
April 2014
Honors College of University of South Florida

Phi Kappa Phi
April 2013

Delta Epsilon Iota
November 2012

Phi Theta Kappa
February 2010

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